Gifts and Donation

Through gifts and donation, the Foundation has been able to provide funding for such things as a Genealogy Fair, the digitization of materials of collections and the acquisition of books, manuscripts and databases to assist Indiana residents with finding out their roots and family history.

Materials Preservation

Donations have assisted in the purchase of materials and equipment vital to the continuing preservation of invaluable books, maps, and reference material and making accessible the history of Indiana to all Indiana residents.


Support the Indiana Talking Book & Braille Library with your gift of any amount through the Indiana State Library Foundation.

To Donate, go to:

The Rare Books & Manuscripts division

The Rare Books & Manuscripts division at the Indiana State Library is dedicated to preserving and making accessible the history of Indiana with collections ranging from the early 15th century to present day.

Visit the Indiana State Library and explore the collection of Civil War-era letters and diaries, Political figures from the Hoosier state, Indiana business and industry records, and so much more.

Your support of the Indiana State Library Foundation will help ensure the preservation and acquisition of the Rare Books & Manuscripts division.

Send your donation to: Indiana State Library Foundation, 140 N. Senate Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Young Readers Center

In coinciding with Indiana’ Bicentennial celebration in 2016, the State Library is opening a Young Readers Center, the first of its kind in a state library in the country.   With funding from the Indiana State Library Foundation and others, the Young Readers Center has designated space specifically for students to explore Indiana, to read the works of Indiana children authors and illustrators, and experience hands-on interactive exhibits.